How to unblock someone or accounts on LINE app

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Hi this is Shiho.

How is your LINE life going?

Now I cannot live without LINE.

Let’s talk about today’s topic.

“How to unblock someone who you have blocked before”.

Once you become a heavy LINE user, you may find that some people are added to your friends’ list against your wish.

Blocking/unblocking those people on LINE is really easy.

Now, I am going to show you how to unblock someone.


This is the way to unblock someone on LINE!

Tap “Add Friends” icon on the first screen.



Tap the cog icon on the top right.



Tap “Blocked Users”



Tap “Edit”



Select “Unblock”


That’s it! You made it!!


What happens if you accidentally tap “Remove” instead of “Block”?



Your friend is removed from list of friend, won’t be able to contact anymore as usual.

If you want to contact them still, you need to add them as flowing instruction.

To send message who have been removed, you need to add them as friends using either 4 ways below.



  • Option 1     Invite friend by SMS/Email/Share
  • Option 2     QR Code
  • Option 3     Shake it!
  • Option 4     Search by ID/Phone number

Detailed instruction will be displayed when you select and tap one of these options.


After all, you need to see the removed friends directly or ask someone else to give you the LINE ID of your removed friends to send message to removed friends again.

Blocking is easy but adding someone who have been removed as friends is a bit harder…

I strongly recommend that you consider if you really wish to remove someone before you tap “Remove”!!!

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