How will the LINE displays change when you block someone or blocked by someone?  

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Hello, this is Shiho.

When you block someone on LINE, what you are concerned about will be “How will the LINE display of the person change?”.

When you use LINE every single day, what bothers you will be troublesome behavior from strangers.

Maybe you wish to block that kind of people, but if it is notified to them…

This anxiety will make you nervous.

Today, I am going to show you the result of what will happen next if you block someone on LINE based on my real test.


What does your LINE display look like when you block someone?


If you block someone, “Blocked” appears on message space on your LINE.

The person is deleted from your “Friends” list on LINE.

Apart from that, nothing special happens to you.

If you have blocked many people so far, this will help you to grasp the people who you have blocked and who you have not.



What does your LINE display look like when you are blocked by someone?


First, the “Chats” screen looks like there is nothing special.

However, if you take a careful look, you will find that there are no “Read”!!

If you are blocked by someone, your messages cannot be sent to them. They do not even know that you sent messages to them.


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What about “Call”?



This screen looks like normal just like the “Chats” screen.

Nothing special happens to the LINE screen of the person who block you. They do not even know that you called.

Besides, phone rings are normal sound.


Here is the last resort… check the LINE “Home” page of the person who blocked you


“There are no shared moments, yet”

No way…

You cannot see their “Home” page while you are blocked.

Once you are blocked, you are not only unable to contact with them, but also unable to check how they are doing on LINE.

I am talking about “Blocking”, though what is the exact differences of “Block” and “Hide”? Is “Hiding” not enough?

How to understand the differences of “Block” and “Hide”


Who want to be blocked by someone?

Of course, no one.

Watch your behavior, so that no one block you!


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