【LINE】 why you cannot “invite” someone to LINE “Groups” & How to resolve the problem

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Hello. This is Shiho.

Today, I am going to show you “The reason why you cannot “invite” someone to LINE “Groups” & How to resolve the problem”.

When you are trying to make a “Group” on LINE so that you can share information within the group, you might face this problem.

I cannot “invite” a particular person to the “Group”.


Am I blocked from the person?


These are the reasons why you cannot “invite” some people



In fact, it is possible to “invite” someone to LINE “Groups” even if he/she blocked you.

Then, what is possible causes?


1 LINE account has changed

I guess a great number of people might make this mistake that sending invitation to his/her previous LINE account.

If he/she changed their mobile model, they cannot take over LINE account. In this case, they had no choice but to make a new LINE account.

If their previous LINE account still exists on your LINE “Friends” list, your invitation will be sent to the previous LINE account which cannot receive your invitation.

Check whether the account is the one they still uses or not.


2 Someone in the “Group” has already invited the person

If someone in the “Group” has already sent invitation, you cannot do the same action.

Check with other “Group” members if they have already sent invitation.


3 The person is blocking your invitation

The person might be blocking your invitation because they do not want to join the “Group”.

Can you think of any reasons why they block your invitation?

Taking another look at your friendship will only resolve this problem.


What is going to happen after you leave/you are removed from the “Group”?


LINE “Groups” are useful to share information within the group.

But, sometimes “Groups” are troublesome.

I assume many of you have thought about leaving the group.

You want to leave the group, but you do not want anyone in the group to know that you left. Maybe you are not sure what is going to happen after you leave, are you?

Dear someone who is being patient with non-stopping LINE “Chats”

How to leave LINE “Groups” without being noticed by anyone


I can say that social relations are important to enjoy LINE.

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