【LINE】 How to check the current version and resolve the problem if you can’t update

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Hello. This is Shiho.

Today, I am going to show you [LINE] How to check the current version & How to resolve the problem if you cannot update”.

LINE is now a national representative messenger, though there are always some bugs…

However, updating related bugs are becoming lesser.

Let’s check the current version and update it, then enjoy brand new functions at the same time that those are released!


How to check the current LINE version


Check the current version before trying to update.



Tap “More”, and then “Settings”



Scroll down to bottom, and tap “About LINE”


If two numbers in the red box are the same, it means your LINE is on latest version meaning you cannot update anymore.

If not, update the version following the instruction below.


How to update LINE version



If you are an android user, open “Play Store” and search for “LINE”.

When LINE is not updated yet, you can see “UPDATE” sign at the bottom right.

From there you can “update” to renew your LINE.


How to resolve the problem if you could not update LINE version

If you could not update the LINE version, try these 3 methods.


1 Check the signal



Check the signal, first.

Try to “update” under Wi-Fi if possible.

The signal is stronger under Wi-Fi condition. Besides, you do not need to use your own mobile data which costs you.


2 Restart your mobile


Sometimes there are some bugs which make it unable for you to update LINE version.

Simply restart your mobile, and update from “Play Store” to renew your LINE.


Uninstall LINE app


If you still cannot update after trying 2 methods above, try this.

Uninstall LINE app from your mobile, and reinstall it.

Actually, you can automatically get to update your LINE version by uninstalling and reinstalling LINE app.

However, LINE “Chats” history will be deleted when uninstalling the app.

If you want to back up your LINE and save “Chats” history.

How to back up LINE “Chats” history, and restore them

LINE functions are being updated day by day.

By updating LINE version regularly, your life with LINE will be more enjoyable.

Check the current LINE version regularly so that you are not left behind.


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