【Android】Causes why you cannot start LINE app, and the solutions?

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Hello. This is Shiho.

How are you doing? I enjoyed chatting with my friends today.

Looking back, I have been using LINE for years.

Recently, I have difficulty in starting LINE app.

It just cannot start and freezes for a while.



I really do not know why this happens.

I am sorry for that, but I know the solutions.

Let me show you the solutions when you cannot start LINE app.



These are the solutions of freeze LINE app

1. Re-activate LINE app

Once you open mobile apps, those stays activated even if you are watching another app at that moment unless you press “Home button” and deactivate activated apps.

I will show you how.



Double press “Home button”

Pressing LINE app, quick scroll to top of screen to deactivate



Open LINE app

First screen should be like above

If it did not work, try the following way.


2. Switch “On” airplane mode, then “Off” to find wireless internet connection




It possibly be the wireless internet connection problem of your mobile.

Switch “On” airplane mode to disconnect the network, then switch “Off” to connect it.

If it did not work, try the following way.


3. “Power off” your mobile, then “on”



Long press the “Power button”, and select “Power off” to shut mobile down.

After a while, long press the “Power button” to start mobile.

If it did not work, try next method.


4. Uninstall the LINE app, and re-install it

Before proceeding, please be aware that the following information will be deleted once you uninstall the LINE app.

“Chats” history

 “Group Chats” history

“Stickers” (possible to get them for free if you have bought before)

If you do not want to lose “Chats” history, try this.   How to backup “Chats” history

If you agree all the conditions above, proceed to the following.



On your mobile screen, press LINE icon for longer, and select “UNINSTALL”






Next, search “LINE” in “Google play” to re-install the app






5. Change your mobile

In a case all the methods did not work, your mobile might have been broken.

Changing to a new mobile costs you, but you have no choice at this stage.

Do not upset because it is not only you who experienced such LINE related problems.

Anyway, I really hope you do not need to purchase a new mobile!


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