How to change the Theme on LINE app

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Hello. This is Shiho.

Are you enjoying LINE?

I am still enjoying LINE, but feeling a bit bored, too…

I tried “Theme Shop” the other day for the first time! I thought it would help to enjoy LINE by customizing your LINE page using LINE characters motifs.

I am going to show you how to use “Theme Shop” on LINE.



Easy way to use “Theme Shop” with images




Open LINE to begin with

Tap “More” icon



Select “Theme Shop”



If you want a free theme, tap “FREE” on the top right



Choose your preferred theme, and tap “Download”



Now you need to choose one of the above



When you get the screen like this, you are completed!
How cute is that!!

I really liked how it looks!
I will definitely try different themes!!


If you want the original theme back


Go to “Theme Shop”



Tap the tiny icon on the top right



Tap “My Themes”



Tap “Apply” for the original one


By changing the theme, it totally changed how LINE looks.

It will probably make you feel you want to open LINE everyday just like the days when you started using LINE.


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