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When you are planning to change your mobile, one of the biggest concerns will be transferring data.


There are tons of data such as photos, contacts, texts, schedule book, and apps.

It is a lot of work to transfer such massive amount of data. I guess, however, LINE data are especially important for many of you.


Now LINE is one of the most essential communication tools.

You need to understand how to use properly to avoid losing “Chats” history.


In this article, I am going to talk about how to transfer LINE “Chats” history from Android to Android.


I hope this will help you.


Different methods should be used depending on iPhone or Android

Is your mobile iPhone or Android?

There are different methods depending on your mobile terminals.


For iPhone data transferring, you need to use iTunes which can be installed on your computer (Synchronization). That is why it is pretty easy to transfer data.  Refer to the following for more details for iPhone users.

[LINE] Model change to iPhone6s!How to transfer data without losing LINE “Chats” history

On Android mobiles, you cannot “synchronize”, so you need to try a different method. This will be a bit troublesome, though.

Let’s start.


How to transfer LINE “Chats” history from Android to Android

First thing to be done on your [old mobile]

Let me explain a general flow. There are two steps.

  1. (On old mobile), backup each “Chats” history (boyfriend, girlfriend, mum, dad, yoga group, etc.)
  2. (On new mobile), restore “Chats” history from the backed up data

This is a general flow. Does this sound difficult? Let me now explain in details.

What you need to prepare

Old Android mobile (before model change)

New Android mobile (after model change)

[Important] Do not “Login” to LINE on new mobile if you have not done backup on old mobile.   (You can install LINE app, but do not “Login”) Otherwise, LINE “Chats” history will be all deleted.

Micro SD card which can be used on computer or mobile


[On old mobile] Backup “Chats” history

First of all, display “Chats” history which you want to backup. Let’s look at this example.



Click the small “v” icon on the top right



Tap “Chat Settings



Select “Backup Chat History”



Here, you need to select either “Backup as a Text File” or “Backup All”.Select “Backup All

Why do you need to select “Backup all”?

“Backup as a Text File” means that you are able to backup “Chats” history as text messages meaning that you cannot backup data such as photos and stickers.



You will be asked “Do you want to send this by email?”  Choose as you like.
Repeat the same flow for each “Chats” (each friend or each group) which you want to backup.  It is a time consuming work, but you have no choice.

Save the backed up data to computer (or micro SD card)

You have just finished backup on old mobile.  The backed up file is now saved on your mobile storage. (The backed up file is still in your old mobile)


Let’s transfer the backed up file to your computer (or micro SD card).

Connect your old mobile to computer using USB cable, so you can see the contents inside your mobile.

Here are screenshots of computer after connecting your mobile.



Go to “Folder”    Tap “This PC”, and double click the mobile icon



Double click “Internal Storage”



Copy “LINE_Backup” folder and paste on desktop



Now the backed up file is saved on your computer *If you want to use a micro SD card instead, paste the file on your micro SD card


On the next step, I am going to talk about settings on old mobile.


[On old mobile] “Link” LINE to Facebook account

If you have not “linked” LINE to Facebook yet, change the setting right now.



Open LINE, and go to “More” then “Settings”




Tap “Link”



You will probably get to the page above.   Put your Email address and a password which you use for login to Facebook.



You will come back to the same page. Tap “Link” one more time


“Link” LINE to Facebook is very easy.


By the way, what are pros when you link LINE to Facebook? There are two pros.


The first thing is that you do not need to put your mobile number to login LINE.

Do you use your mobile number to login LINE? I guess some of you were thrilled of people you do not know pop up on “Friend Recommendations” list. It is because anyone can search for you by searching with your mobile number.  If you link LINE to Facebook, the only thing you need for login to LINE is your Facebook account.  Do not worry, it does not mean your friends on Facebook will be automatically added to your Friends list on LINE.


The second thing is that the only thing you need for login to LINE is your Facebook account, as I said just now. Imagine that you use your mobile number to login to LINE. When you start using a new mobile, if you cannot login to LINE with your old mobile number, you will probably try to login with Email address. However, if you forget which address you registered or what password you set, you will be desperate.


In this case, you cannot login to your LINE account. As a result, you need to create (sign up) a new account. If you create (sign up) a new LINE account, all the “Chats” history, “Group Chats” history, and “Stickers” will be deleted.


You can prevent this situation by linking LINE to Facebook. Even if you cannot login with your mobile number or Email address, it is possible to login with Facebook account.

If you have not got Facebook account, you should get one from “Google Play”!

Let’s go to the next step, shall we?



[On new mobile] Login to LINE

Before proceeding, make sure you did all backups you need.

Login to Facebook which you just linked LINE to.




When you login to LINE on new mobile, you are not able to use LINE on old mobile any more because it is impossible to use the same LINE account on 2 Android mobiles.

[On new mobile] Transfer the backed up file from computer to internal storage on new mobile

You have just finished transferring backed up file from old mobile to computer. Let’s transfer the file to internal storage on new mobile.


Connect new mobile to computer using USB cable.   Go to “Folder”   Tap “This PC”, and select double click the mobile icon   Double click “Internal Storage”



Here are screenshots after that.

Copy “LINE_Backup” folders and paste on internal storage.   *If you used a micro SD card instead, copy from there and paste on internal storage



Make sure you paste on top of the page.  Otherwise they will not be imported on next step.


[On new mobile] Import “Chats” history

Finally you have reached this point.   Let’s import “Chats” history!



Go to “Friends” page. Select the person you backed up his/her “Chats” history.   Go to “Chat” page



Click the small “v” icon on the right top



Tap “Chat Settings”



Tap “Import Chat History



Tap “Yes”

You do not need to choose which file you want LINE to import. LINE will automatically choose them for you.



Tap “OK”



You have successfully finished!   Not only texts, but also stickers, photos and videos were properly transferred.

Do the same action (import) for each “Chats” history you backed up.

Now you finished all the steps!  Well done!!



How was it?   Did you properly get “Chats” history back?

This topic is easy for iPhone users.  You just need to change settings for synchronization.    For Android users, on the other hand, you need to backup and import one by one.   It is not that difficult, but it is time consuming.

I recommend you to organize “Chats” history and delete as much as possible before you change your mobile.


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