【LINE app】How to send a voice message. Is recording time limited ?

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Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “How to send a voice message! Is recording time limited?”

By using LINE voice message, you can send a long story to your friends as a voice message, and you can give them a surprise gift by sending your voice.


How to send a voice message on LINE



Go to “Chats” page which you want to send a voice message to

Tap “+”



Tap “Voice Message”



Tap and hold to record

Do not release your finger while you are recording, since recording will end and it will be automatically sent to your friend



While you are recording, the length of time you are recording is shown like this

Release your finger to send the voice message



If you want to send it to another friend or save it, tap “share” button

Save in Keep

Send to another Chat

Use another app


Use these 4 methods and share your voice message with everyone!


Is recording time limited on LINE app?


Yes, the recording time is limited.

Unfortunately, you cannot talk for 1 hour or so…

The maximum recording time is about 3 minutes.

It is very enough, right?

How about sending a surprise voice message for your friend’s wedding or birthday?


What you can do if you cannot hear a voice message because of its sound volume

If you cannot hear a voice message because of its sound volume or noise…

Why can’t you hear a voice message? How to solve the problem?


Let’s make a special surprise gift with your heart-warming voice message on LINE!


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