How to change “LINE” icon on Home screen

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Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “How to change “LINE” icon on Home screen”.

Do you like “LINE” icon on Home screen?

To be honest, I want something prettier.

Especially “LINE” app is what I use every day, and I have so many opportunities to see the icon.

I want prettier “LINE” icon!!

I found an app for that, exclusively for Android users.

By using the app, you can customise “LINE” icon.



“How to change “LINE” icon on Home screen”



You need to install a specific app to change “LINE” icon.

By using an app called LINE DECO, you can customise “LINE” icon prettier.


How to customise “LINE” icon using “LINE DECO”



Install “LINE DECO” from “Google Play”, and open the app



Tap “Icon Pack”



Tap “HOT ICONS”, and “See All”



Select the “desired icon”



Tap “Download”



Select “LINE” icon



Tap “Add to Home”




Just go to your Home screen to see the new icon.

It is set on Home screen as a shortcut.  This is pretty, isn’t it?

As you may know, on Android mobile, “Home” screen and “APP Drawer” is different.

The screen above is called “Home” screen.

All the icons which appears on “Home” screen are shortcuts.

On the other hand, the following screen is called “App Drawer”

The new “LINE” icon which you just customised appears on “Home” screen, not on “App Drawer”.




LINE DECO applies Facebook and Twitter not only LINE


The app name is “LINE DECO”, though it applies to other SNS apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Let’s take this opportunity to customise other app icons.


[Notice] Do not delete the original icon


Please do not delete the original app!

“LINE DECO” only creates shortcuts to apps and does not replace the original icon.

Please do not delete the original icon, as this will also delete the app.


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