How to silence notifications on LINE app

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Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “How to silence notifications on LINE”.

Have you ever woken up with LINE notification sound?

If it happens in the middle of the night, that is a nightmare.

Once I turned off the notification sound from particular friends on LINE because it had been ringing too often.

In the following morning, however, I realized I forgot to turn it on, so I could not reply to some messages.


I wish there had been a function which allows LINE to silence notifications for a certain period time.

Now I found the function!


Have a look at “How to silence notifications on LINE for your better sleep”.


“How to silence notifications on LINE for your better sleep”

Let’s silence notifications on LINE until 8 AM




Go to “More”, then “Settings”



Tap “Notifications”



Tap “Mute”



Here you can choose the period of time.If you want to take a nap, mute for 1 hour!  If you want to have a good sleep, mute until 8 AM!



The settings is done.   Sleep well, since your LINE will never going to ring until 8 AM.


By the way, this function does not apply to your mobile alarm settings.

Do not worry, the mobile alarm will wake you up if you set it.

Have a good night!


Do continuous notification sounds disturb you? Isn’t is annoying?


Do you have LINE “Groups”?

It is useful because you can share messages within the group.

However, sometimes some members continuously talk about something you do not know.  Notification sound is never going to stop.

Here is How to turn off notification sound temporarily


How to adjust notification sound volume on LINE


Have you ever experienced the situation where notification sound volume is too loud or too quiet?

[Android] How to adjust notification sound volume on LINE

You can adjust the volume as you like.


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