How to read a message without sender knowing “Read” on LINE app

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Hi, this is Shiho

On LINE “Chats”, there is “Read” function which will notify the sender that the receiver has read their message.

The function is useful for senders because they can check if the receiver has read or not.

On the other hand, for receivers, once you open the message, you will feel that you have to answer it straight away.

Otherwise, the sender might feel that “you have been ignoring their message after you read”.

In some cases, receivers feel mentally stressed.



[Android] 3 methods to read a message without showing “Read”


The settings is easier for Android users than those for iPhone users.

For those who are often stressed by “Read” function, this will be the biggest point to buy Android mobile, not iPhone.


1 Read a message on Pop-Ups

Checking messages on Pop-Ups is more convenient, though it is similar with those of iPhone.

You can read messages from different senders by flicking to right or left on pop-ups screen.

You can check not only text messages, but also stickers.

Even a long message, you can quick-scroll to top or bottom of screen to read the whole sentence.


Pop-ups on Android is the best. You can reply to the message from there.


The only disadvantage of the function is that you cannot open the same pop-ups once you close it.

However, the biggest point of this function is you can read multiple messages from different senders in the proper order you received on 1 Pop-Ups screen.


How to settings

To read messages on Pop-Ups, you need to change the settings on LINE.

On your LINE, open “More”“Settings”“Notifications”.

Then tick both “Notifications” and “Show Preview” boxes.

Change both “Display Pop-Ups when Screen ON” and “Display Pop-Ups when Screen OFF” to “Default”.

LINE 27_1832


LINE 27_3769


LINE 27_4049


LINE 27_3476





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2 Use “No Last Seen ~shinobi” app

LINE 27_5069

On Pop-Ups function, you cannot open the same pop-ups once you close it.

“Shinobi” app enables you to read messages on LINE again and again.


The process is quite easy.

Simply start the app from the status bar or the app drawer when you get a message on LINE.

Even if you open the app and read the message, it will not notify the sender that you have read their message.


You cannot read stickers, though it is enough to check message content.

If you want to reply to the message, you can open LINE on “Shinobi” app.

LINE 27_2814

Install “Shinobi” app from “Google Play



3 Read a message with Airplane mode “ON” (Caution)

I am going to introduce a method using Airplane mode.


LINE 27_5112

Just like iPhone, you can read a message without showing “Read” by turning Airplane mode “ON”.

Go to settings of your mobile, and switch Airplane mode “ON”.

Be aware of showing “Read” as soon as you turn Airplane mode “OFF” and open LINE app, just like iPhone.


[LINE PC] How to read a message without showing “Read”

This applies to only Windows and Mac users, and does not apply to Windows8/10 and Chrome users because you cannot open multiple windows.

When you read a message on LINE PC, “Read” will be shown on sender’s LINE.

However, open chat room A, and then open chat room B.

B which was opened after A is now activated, and A is inactivated because B is now activated.

You can read a message which is sent to A without showing “Read”.


LINE 27_2452

On the screenshot above, the left chat is activated and the right is inactivated.


Under the condition you are opening more than 1 chat room, “Read” will not be shown only when you get messages sent to the inactivated chat rooms unless you tap the chat room and make it activated.


If you want to chat with multiple friends separately at the same time, LINE PC will be more useful than LINE mobile.

By opening multiple chat rooms on screen, you do not need to hurry for replying their messages.


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