How to send overloaded big size of videos on LINE app


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Hello. This is Shiho.

Today, I am going to talk about “How to send overloaded videos on LINE”

Have you ever experienced that you cannot send a long video to your friend on your LINE chat room?

Yes, I have.

I just wanted to share a live, vivid video with my friend!

Have you ever felt this kind of frustration?

Suppose your friend cannot attend a wedding ceremony of your mutual friend.

What will you do if she asks you to take a video of the ceremony, and send it on LINE?

You cannot send overloaded videos (more than around 3 minutes) on LINE, and you do not know other ways to send…

You want to send the video somehow…

Here it is!

This is the way to send overloaded videos on LINE.



Capacity and length of videos you can send on LINE

What about the capacity and length of videos you can send on LINE?

It is said that 300MB which is around 1.5 minutes is the limitation.

I examined a few cases with my Android mobile.

The results are following.

○3 minutes video

× 4 minutes video

Of course the results depend on the video quality on your mobile.


LINE 30 18pics_8427

If the video is overloaded, you need to edit and make it shorter. 

If you can edit and make it shorter, that is fine.   However, if you do not want to cut any moments, here is the method to send overloaded videos on LINE.


How to use “Dropbox” to send overloaded videos on LINE

You need to install a specific app to send overloaded videos on LINE.

“Dropbox” is a free app which enables you to send any videos without worrying about the capacity and length.


How to send videos on LINE using Dropbox

Install “Dropbox” from “Play Store” on your mobile


LINE 30 18pics_5631

LINE 30 18pics_2340

Select “I’m new to Dropbox” to proceed registration


LINE 30 18pics_789

Type your Name, Email, and create Password    Tap “Register for Dropbox”


LINE 30 18pics_3413

Tap “I Agree”


LINE 30 18pics_4129

LINE 30 18pics_5427

Tap “More” icon on the right top


LINE 30 18pics_3712

LINE 30 18pics_9443

Tap “Photos or videos”


LINE 30 18pics_25

Tick the videos you want to send, and tap “Upload” You can upload not only videos but also photos from here.


LINE 30 18pics_7909

Now it is on process

Just wait to be completed

The bigger capacity of the video, the more time it needs to be uploaded!

Consider that wireless internet connection environment also affects the time.


LINE 30 18pics_7516

Tap the video you want to send on LINE


LINE 30 18pics_9397

Tap “Share” icon


LINE 30 18pics_318

Here, you can select your preferred app.   Tap “LINE” to send on LINE


LINE 30 18pics_6311

Here is a list of friends on your LINE

Tick the person you want to send the video to


LINE 30 18pics_7590

LINE 30 18pics_9499

You can write a message in the yellow box if you want.   Even a short message will help the receiver to find out what is the video about. Tap “Send” icon to send.


LINE 30 18pics_9997

This screenshot is the one the receiver got on his/her LINE chat room when they received the video.  They can watch it by tapping the link.

Finally, you were able to send an overloaded video on LINE.



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