How to set a video as your profile photo on LINE app

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Hello, this is 『Shiho』

You can set a video as your profile photo on LINE.  f you envy your friends who have already done this setting, I will help you keep up with them.

I am not talking about GIF. The function which allows you to set a video as your profile photo is finally released!


Process for setting a video as your LINE profile photo

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Open LINE app


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Tap “More”, and then tap “Settings”


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Tap “Profile”


LINE 33 13pics_9769

Tap your profile photo icon


LINE 33 13pics_7281

Tap “Take Video”


LINE 33 13pics_8488

Tap “egg”


LINE 33 13pics_1392



LINE 33 13pics_3094

This is “egg” app


LINE 33 13pics_230

When you are ready, tap “Record” icon and take a video


LINE 33 13pics_5679

After the recording, you will get a message “You set video as your LINE Profile”  Tap “OK”

“Trim Video”

Here, you can edit the length and the parts of video you want to use for a profile photo.


LINE 33 13pics_9118

When finished, tap “Next”

“Select Thumbnail”

Let’s select thumbnail, lastly. Selecting thumbnail means that you cut a moment from video for a still image when the Profile Photo is not enlarged.


LINE 33 13pics_2553


The screen will automatically come back to your LINE app, and the setting is done.


LINE 33 13pics_4434

Tap your Profile icon from “Friends” list on LINE, and check if your Profile icon is moving.

Point1: You cannot select a video taken using a different app

Be aware that you cannot select a video which is taken using a different app even if you tap “Choose from Gallery” during the first process.

Point2: You need to install the latest version of the app

You must install the latest version of the app to proceed because it became available after LINE 6.6.0 was released.

Point3: You can add sound

By following the process shown above properly, your profile photo makes a sound when it is enlarged.



When you are starting “egg” app, always tap “Permit” to whatever you are asked.

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