How to send “Theme” to your friend as gift on LINE app & Causes why you cannot send

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Hello. This is Shiho.

Today, I am going to show you “How to send “Theme” to your friend as gift on LINE & Causes why you cannot send”

Everyone likes gift, right?  Let’s give your friend a surprise gift using “Theme Shop” on LINE!


How to send “Theme” as gift on LINE

I am going to explain for Android users and iPhone users separately.

[Android version]


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Open LINE app

Tap “More” and then “Theme Shop”


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If you want a free theme, tap “FREE” on the top right.

Choose your preferred theme, and tap it.


LINE 36 22pics_3079

Tap “Send as a Gift”

You can check how much coins you have right now in the above screen.

Now I have 0 coins, so I need to charge 150 coins to get this theme in the following step


LINE 36 22pics_9012

Tick the person who you want to send the theme to

Tap “Select”


LINE 36 22pics_7604

Tap “Send as a Gift”


LINE 36 22pics_9527

Tap “OK”


LINE 36 22pics_6430

You can select how much


LINE 36 22pics_6317


Select the payment method you want to proceed


[iPhone version]

Unlike Android, iPhone users need to visit a specific page to send stickers or themes as gift to your friend on LINE.


LINE 36 22pics_9951

Search for “LINE STORE” on “Google” on your mobile

Tap “List” icon on the top left


LINE 36 22pics_8163

Tap “Official Themes”


LINE 36 22pics_4333

Choose your preferred theme, and tap it


LINE 36 22pics_3013

Tap “Send as a Gift”

If you tap “Purchase”, the theme will be yours, not for your friend


LINE 36 22pics_879

Put the Email address and password which you have registered for LINE


LINE 36 22pics_1025

Tick the 2 boxes, and tap “I agree”


LINE 36 22pics_417

To find your friend, you can scroll down or put your friend’s name on the “Search” space

Finding your friend bothers you?

Are there too many similar names?

How to organize the display of your “Friends” list on LINE will help you to make it easier.


LINE 36 22pics_3022

Tick the person who you want to send the theme to

Tap “OK”


LINE 36 22pics_1796

Be sure to check the name in the yellow box

It should be the person who you want to send the theme to

Tap “Send Gift”


LINE 36 22pics_1171

Here is the last step

Select the payment method you want to proceed

Once you finish the payment, the theme will be sent to your friend.

This is not an expensive purchase, but LINE themes will be priceless gift which will make your friend really happy.


Oops! Causes why you cannot send LINE themes

In rare cases, you cannot send LINE themes.

Do you know why? 

 There are several causes, actually.

The causes are classified into 3 groups.

Let me explain one by one.


The person already has the same theme

LINE 36 22pics_3590

As a rule of LINE Corporation, you cannot possess the same theme more than one.

It means that you cannot send themes to your friend if they already have the same one.

When you tick the person who you want to send themes to, a message “(your friend’s name) already has this theme” will appear on the screen, and you cannot proceed.

If you get the message, try to choose a different theme.


You are blocked from the person on LINE

Is it really happening to me?

If you are blocked from the person, you cannot send themes to them.

Figure it out right now.

How to check if someone blocks you on LINE


The person registered an oversea mobile number on LINE

LINE 36 22pics_9236

When you sign up LINE for the first time, you need to choose whether putting your mobile number to login or login with Facebook.

If the person put an oversea mobile number at that time, their LINE account will not be in the same country’s territory with you.

The same thing will happen when they have not registered mobile number because they cannot prove which country they are in.


You will be very disappointed if your favor do not lead to anywhere. However, if you know what the cause is, you can revenge!

I just hope you are not blocked from any of your friends on LINE.


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