Causes why LINE app suddenly stops working & the solutions!



Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “Causes why LINE suddenly stops & the solutions”.

LINE is one of the must-have communication tools, so if it suddenly stops working, it will be a nightmare for many people.

So today, I am going to particularly talk about it.


Causes why LINE suddenly stops!!

The version of LINE is too old

Bugs because of a newly released version of LINE

Too much chat history

Mobile model is too old

Bad internet connection

As far as I know, bugs because of a newly released version of LINE is the most frequent cause.

Apart from that, bad internet connection and the memory being too small to process are the second frequent causes.


How to prevent for LINE to stop suddenly

Wait for a while before you update the version of LINE

When a new version of LINE is released, try not to jump at the updating.

There are always some bugs immediately after its release.

Wait for a while, look around, and then update your LINE.

Every single person will face those kind of problems whenever you use technology.                                                                 Troubles are something you cannot avoid since technology is made by human beings.

Besides, it is said that there is a time lag when a new version of LINE is released between Android and iOS.


Do you have enough storage on mobile?

Storage on your mobile can be full very quickly.

If you have installed too many apps, LINE app can easily stop working because too much data slows the processing capability of your mobile.

One of the solutions is that purchasing a new mobile model which has faster processing capability.

Or you can uninstall LINE app, and re-install it again.

By uninstalling, chat history and cache on LINE will be cleared, resulting in faster processing capability.


Check the internet connection!!

Under a bad internet connection, of course you cannot open LINE app.

It is what you should know. 

 Move to a place under Wi-Fi condition if possible. 

It will solve most of the internet connection related problems. 

Try to open LINE app under Wi-Fi condition.


If LINE suddenly stops working, it is very convenient, isn’t it?

Anyway, making complaints do not lead to the solution. 

Just understand the causes, so that you can solve the problem when it happens.

In the case none of the above did not help, report to LINE Corporation referring to this. How to make inquiries at LINE Corporation about LINE related problems


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