How to set a passcode to protect your privacy on LINE app




Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “How to set a passcode to protect your privacy on LINE & What to do if you forget the passcode”


LINE account hacking has been a serious problem since LINE app released.

The problem is settled these days, but it is still possible to happen.

I strongly recommend you to set a passcode to protect your LINE account.

Apart from that, another purpose of passcode is that protecting your secret part of LINE.



How to set a LINE passcode



Tap “More”, and “Settings”



Tap “Privacy”



“Passcode Lock” is not ticked on the default setting.

Turn it on by tapping “Passcode Lock”



Create your LINE passcode, and enter it

It has to be 4 digit number



Re-enter the passcode



Tap “OK”



The setting is finished.

Now you strengthened the security of your LINE account.



Open LINE app after the setting,



This screen will be shown first.


I forgot my LINE passcode! How to solve the problem?



LINE passcode gives you lots of merits.

For example, strengthen the security, prevent from leaking of personal information, and protect your secret chat history, and so on.

So what is going to happen if you forget the registered passcode?


How many times can you try to enter the passcode?

Dear someone who forgot your registered passcode. 

I examined how many times I can enter the passcode.

It allowed me to enter more than 10 times!!  Actually you can enter over 100 times.

 I am not sure whether it is good or bad for the security, though, it is a good news for forgetful people.


What you can do if you forget your LINE passcode?

This is a method official LINE Help Center recommends.

Uninstalling LINE app, and re-installing the app will be the only method. However, there is a big trap. Like the following sentence shows, your LINE chat history will be all deleted.

Oh my god!!  We have got no choice but to uninstall LINE app. However, do not jump at uninstalling, because you can try to enter the passcode many times.

If I forget my passcode, I will try as many as possible.

Unless you enter the correct passcode, you cannot use your LINE on mobile.

Check here to know How to enjoy LINE on PC or iPad, excepting mobile, and use LINE on other devices excepting mobile.

You will get no problem in this way.

You should not uninstall LINE app easily because you will lose all the memorable chat history.

Dear someone who succeeded in figuring out the passcode, refer to the following.

How to take a backup your precious LINE chat history

Make sure to take a backup your LINE chat history in case you forget your passcode.



The passcode function is suitable for the case you lost your mobile, though it will cost a lot if you forget the passcode.

Let’s write it down on a piece of paper or notebook, on something which are not electronic devices.


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