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Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “ How to change to your preferred names LINE app”

When you get so many friends on your LINE “Friends” list, it is difficult to find a particular name from the list.

You will solve the problem by understanding today’s topic.


Where do the names on your friend’s profile page come from?

It was found out that there were some rules for that.

  1. The first priority name is what you register for your phonebook
  2. A nick name will be the substitution when LINE and Phonebook are not linked
  3. A registered name for Facebook when LINE is linked to Facebook

For LINE registration, there are 2 options to login which are Login with your phone number or Login with Facebook.

When you chose to Login with your phone number, the name which you registered for phonebook will be shown.

When you chose to Login with Facebook, if your friend registered his/her nickname, the nickname will be shown.

Meanwhile, if he/she has not registered a nickname, the name he/she registers for Facebook will be shown.



How to change to your preferred names



Open LINE app

Go to the friend’s profile page where you want to change his/her names

The screen will look like above



There are 2 names (orange and green) and a comment (purple).

It can be only 1 name, or 2 names with no comment.

How it looks like depends on the registration.

I will explain the differences.

Orange = The friend’s name which you register for your phonebook

Green = The friend’s LINE nickname which he/she registers

Purple= Comment which the friend wrote

Let’s learn how to change those names displayed.



Tap “Pencil” icon



You can rename (orange) here.

You can enter anything, but I suggest you do not enter something stupid just in case your friend sees it.


Tap “Save”

This is not a name, though it is possible to enter.

By the way, can I change the names on my profile page on friends’ LINE?

How nice if you could do that?



I do not want to link the name on my friends’ profile page to my phonebook!

By changing 1 setting, names on your LINE “Friends” list might be all changed.



Go to “More”, “Settings”, and then “Friends” on LINE

Untick “Auto Add Friends”

By unticking, the name on your friends’ profile page will not be linked to your phonebook.

When switched off (untick), friends will not automatically be added to your LINE “Friends” list from your phonebook.

Switch on if you want to make a lot of friends using “Auto Add Friends” function.



Don’t you think you have so many similar names on your phonebook?

I have registered 3 friends whose first name are “Naomi”, and now I have no idea which “Naomi” is which one…

Let’s organize even only LINE “Friends” list!


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