How to use LINE “Notes” edit or delete, structure of notifications, relation to Timeline



Hi, This is 『Shiho』

Today’s topic is How to use LINE “Notes” edit or delete, structure of notifications, relation to Timeline

Albums” is a very useful function to save and share photos on LINE.

Although “Notes” function enables to remain anything such as, texts, stickers, videos, links, location, and music.

I completed how to post, edit, or delete “Notes”.

Besides, I will mention the structure of notifications and the relation to Timeline.



What is LINE “Notes” function

On LINE chat room, every time a new message is posted, old messages go up on screen.                                                                       Whenever the conversion gets excited on LINE, there will be so many messages and maybe stickers from all the members on the chat.

The important messages such as a record of attendance to a party, and a meeting point to have a dinner will be far away to the top on screen.

Then it is a time for “Notes” function.

“Notes” is like a notice board on LINE chat room.

You can note anything important and information which you want to share with all the members in the chat group.


What a great thing about “Notes” is an anytime access to the contents without period limitation.

For example, when someone joins a LINE chat group, the person cannot see the past chat history.

Although, “Notes” are always open for even newcomers.

Sharing information with all the members is very smooth on “Notes”.


On “Notes, it is possible to share and save anything such as, texts, stickers, photos, links, location, music, and even videos which you cannot add to “Albums”.

When you post something or tap “Like” or “Comment” on “Notes”, it will be notified to all the chat members, and it will be posted on the chat room.



How to post on “Notes”

Let’s try in a real situation!

How to post on “Notes” is similar to those of Timeline.

How to use LINE “Timeline” – delete, edit, or hide your post & structure of notifications




Go to the chat room of the person or group which you want to share with



Tap “Notes” icon on the right top



Tap “V” icon on the top right, and then tap “Notes” icon

Or swipe to the left on chat room



Tap “Pencil” icon on the right bottom to post



Not only texts, there are icons such as (from the left) stickers, photos, videos, links, and location.

You can combine those functions.

When you finish, Tap “Post” on the right top




Your post will be shown on all the members’ chat room like the above screenshot.


Save your chat on “Notes” LINE app


What a great thing about LINE “Notes” is that you can easily save messages, photos, and videos sent on chat room to “Notes”.

For example, you can post important messages such as a meeting point and the schedule so that all the members have an anytime access to the information.



Long press of the messages or photos which you want to save to “Notes”


Tap “Save to Notes”

Tick the things which you want to save, and tap “Note”

Tap “Post”



Tap “Note”



This is how it looks like after you saved to “Notes”.



Tap “Like” or write comments for posts on “Notes” LINE app

You can tap “Like” or write comments for the posts on “Notes”.

By these functions, you can tell what you felt, or you can show that you read the post.



When you tap “Like”, mini stickers which can express your feeling will be shown.

Choose the one which matches to yours.




Tap “Comment” on the same page to write comments




If you want to delete comments,

[Android] =Long press of the comment

[iPhone]=Flick the comment to the left

Only the person who posted the article on “Notes” or the person who posted the comment have the authority to delete the comments.

By the way, no one can edit comments.

As for “Like”, no one can delete or edit.


Edit or delete posts on “Notes”LINE app

On “Notes”, you can edit or delete the posts only which you posted.

Choose the post which you want to edit or delete from the chat room or “Notes” page.




For editing or deleting, tap “V” icon on the right top of each post.

It is useful when something happens and you need to change the contents of the article.

Even if you edit or delete something on “Notes”, those changes or deletions will not be notified to the other members.

So, you will probably need another method such as a message on chat room if you want to make sure that the post is communicated to all the members.

Deleting “Notes” is different from deleting messages for the post on “Notes”.

You can delete messages on chat room by long pressing of the message. However, deleting the message on chat room does not mean that you delete the post itself.

When you want to delete the post itself, follow the steps I talked earlier.


Contents on “Notes” are shown on Timeline

When you post on “Notes”, the contents will be automatically shown on Timeline.

However, it allows only the group members to see the Timeline.



In other words, when the chat room is consisted of 2 people, posts on “Notes” will be shared only on the 2 people’s Timeline.

When the chat room has 5 members, those will be shared only on the 5 members’ Timeline.

Unfortunately for now, there is no method to turn the setting off that posts on “Notes” will automatically be shared on Timeline.



The structure of notifications for “Notes”


If you do not want to receive notifications when someone posts on “Notes”,

Tap “V” on the chat room

Tap “Notifications Off” to silence all the push notifications for such as messages, notes, and albums. (You cannot turn off the push notifications only for “Notes” )

How to individually turn off the push notifications on LINE – depending on friends, groups, apps, and activities 

However, it is possible to turn off the notifications for “Like” or comments on LINE “Notes”.                                                                 The setting is a bit different for Android users and iPhone users.



[Android]=On the chat room, tap “Note” icon

Tap “Settings” icon on the right top



Untick “Timeline Notification” not to receive “Like” and comment notifications for group “Notes”.


[iPhone]=On the chat room, tap “V” icon, and then tap “Settings” icon

Untick “Notice Notifications”


Save or share videos using “Notes”LINE app

On “Notes”, you can post texts, photos, videos, links (URL), location, and music.

The notable point is that you can post “Videos”.

There is “Albums” function which enables to save and share photos within LINE groups, though you cannot post videos there.

It is possible to post videos on chat room, but those videos will be deleted after a certain period of time.

Therefore, if you want to save and share videos, use “Notes”.




How to post videos is quite easy.

On “Notes” posting page, tap “Film” icon.

Tap “Video” to film at that moment, tap “Snap” to use Snap Movie function, or tap “Gallery” to choose from your saved videos.

The time limit is 5 minutes.


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