[No jailbreak] This is the method to use cute font on LINE app




Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is exclusively for girls, which is “How to use cute font on LINE”.

LINE is an everyday essential for many of LINE users.

If you cannot choose the font, it is a bit disappointing, isn’t it?

For those who are totally bored to use stickers, why don’t you show off cute font to your friends on LINE?


[Android] This is the method to use cute font on LINE!

You need to install apps from “Play Store”.

Some apps which will change the font only on LINE are available for iPhone users, but not for Android users.

For Android users, however, it is possible to install apps which enable to change whole of your mobile font (not only on LINE).

Actually, without installing apps, you can change the font from default setting on your mobile “Settings” page.

By installing apps, however, you will definitely get greater choices.

You will be surprised by the incredible range!

Let’s make your LINE more enjoyable by customizing the LINE font!

The process is really easy.


I will explain how to install the apps


Let’s search for the apps from “Play Store”

I entered “font change on LINE”

You can see that there are plenty of choices



I chose “HiFont” this time

Select your preferred app, and tap “INSTALL”



This is the list of font

On “New” list, for example, there are 67 choices you can choose from!!

There are cute one, cool one, and even seasonal one like “Helloween”…

You cannot even imagine how wide the choices are until you install the app.

I am totally sure that all the mobile users can find their preferred font.

How amazing it is?


I chose “Helloween” font this time

Select your preferred font, and tap it



Tap “Download”



Tap “Use”



Tap “OK”






After the installation, the screen will automatically change to the “Settings” page of your mobile

Tap “Font style”



Find your selected font from the long list, and tap it

The process is done



Here you go

The font is changed to your preferred one!



You can go to LINE to check whether the font on LINE has been properly changed.

Did you imagine that you could use these font on LINE?

Many of your girl friends will envy you.

Do you have a trouble with emoticons (emoji) being corrupted and not displayed on screen?

Check How to use emoticons (emoji) without worrying about corruption, and enjoy those emoticons with cute font.



This is the method to customize the whole of your mobile font without jailbreaking.

Tell your friends and enjoy LINE using cute font.


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