How to use “Timeline” on LINE app delete, edit, or hide the posts etc



Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “How to use “Timeline” – how to delete, edit, or hide the posts & how to restrict someone’s authority to see your Timeline & how to turn off the notifications, how to delete news and advertisement”


“Timeline” and “Home” are social functions on LINE.

I will explain from very basics about them & how to delete, edit, or hide the posts & how to change “Share Settings” on Timeline & how to turn on/off the notifications & how to delete news and advertisement.



What are “Timeline” and “Home” on LINE app?


The left image is “Home”, and the right is “Timeline”.

Apart from 1 on 1 chat and call, you can share your recent situation with your LINE friends on “Home”.

On “Home”, the posts from only the account user, a profile photo, and a home photo will be shown.

“Home” is like “Your room on LINE”, and then “Home” and “Timeline” are like two sides of the same coin.


“Timeline”, on the other hand, is where you can see all the posts from yourself, your LINE friends, and LINE official account in a time-series order.

You can comment or put stickers for each post.

“Shared with” range of your posts on your “Home” and “Timeline” will be restricted within your LINE friends, but it is possible to narrow down the range.


On “Home” and “Timeline”, there is no “Read” sign function like on chat room, so you will never know who has visited your “Home” and “Timeline”.



How to post on Timeline – texts, photos, videos, locations, stickers, and links

On Timeline, you can post texts, photos, videos, stickers, and URL links.



To post on Timeline, tap “Pencil” icon on the right top from your “Timeline” page

You will get to the page where you can enter what you want to post

(The process for posting on Home will be similar to this process)



From the icon on the left top, you can change “Shared with” range of your posts (I will mention it later on)

“Friends” is set for the default setting meaning your posts will be open to all of your LINE friends.


Enter texts just like a chat room.


From the icons on the center, you can attach other contents not only texts.

From left, face mark for stickers, camera for photos, film for videos, links for URL, and pointy mark for location.


Today, I will talk about how to post combinations of texts, photos, and locations on Timeline.

Imagine the situation when you post a photo you took during your trip.



Let’s add a photo.

Tap the camera icon, and tap “Gallery” to choose the photo from your saved photos



Choose the photo you want to post, and tap “Select”

Here, there is no function for trimming or editing




You can see the photo is pinned up and the camera icon color has changed to green.

You can select multiple photos on the previous step.


Next, let’s add the location information.

Tap the pointy mark



Find the spot (for example, the spot you took the photo) you want to post by dragging the map

Tap “Share location”



Your selected location has been added and the pointy mark color has changed to green

Tap “Post” to finalize



This is how the process has done.

Your post will be shown on Timeline only within your “Shared with” range, you may get emoticons (emoji) or comments from people who saw your post.


Likewise, you can combine videos, stickers, and links to your post.


How to restrict someone’s authority to see your Timeline (Share Settings)

When you post on your Timeline (Home) under default setting, your post will be shown on all of your LINE friends’ Timeline.

However, I guess many people do not want to show your posts to particular people on your LINE friends list.

If so, it is possible to restrict someone’s authority to see your Timeline, or to set the shared range.


How to change your default friends list for “Share Settings”


Open LINE app

Tap “More” → “Settings” → “Timeline”

When you tick “Allow New Friends”, new friends will automatically be added to your default friends list.

It means that your posts will automatically be shown on their Timeline.

If you do not like the automation, untick “Allow New Friends”.

Next, tap “Share Settings”



Your LINE friends list will be shown.

Tap “Restrict” for people who you do not want to show your posts to.

Tap “Save” on the right top

Friends list for “Share Settings” is now changed from default setting.



After completing the setting, your posts will be shown on Timeline whose name is on the friends list for “Share Settings”.

When the person who you put in “Restrict” list visits your Home, a message “There are no shared moments, yet.” will be appeared, and he/she cannot see your posts.



How to change “Share Settings” depending on each post

When you want to choose whether to show your post to your friends depending on each post, you can change “Share Settings” every time you post on Timeline.

Besides, you can make “Share List” which you can customize the shared range.



Go to the posting page of your Timeline (or Home)

Tap the icon on the left top

For default setting, it is supposed to be “Friends” (all the people who are on your LINE friends list).

Note that if you have changed the friends’ list for “Share Settings” at the earlier step, it applies.



On this page, you can choose the person who you want to share the post with.

Here, you can choose existing LINE group or “Only Me” option to share only with yourself.

By choosing “Only Me”, you can use the post as a note just for yourself.

By tapping “Add”, you can make “Share List” by choosing who you want the post to be shared with.



All of your LINE friends will be shown.

Tick the person who you want to share the post with. (Even if you do not tick some people, the fact will not be notified to them.)

Tap “OK”



Create the list’s name.

It will be convenient for you later on if you name it clearly depending on the characteristics of the group. (For example, club’s mates, family, and classmates)

Tap “Save” on the right top



A new “Share List” is created.

Tick the list which you want to share the post with, and tap “OK”



You can see the icon on the left top has changed to your selected “Share List”. Tap “Post”



Your post will be shown on Timeline.

Tap the tiny icon underneath your name.



Your selected friends will be shown on “Who can view this post?”


This page is only available for the person who posted the post.

So, do not worry.

No one will know who are in your selected “Share List”.



By the way, on “Share Settings” page, tap the small arrow icon to edit the list

You can add more friends or remove someone.



You can rename the list, remove someone from the list, or add more friends to the list.



Why cannot I see Timeline? Am I “Blocked” or “Restricted”?

After you change “Share Settings”, the person who were put into “Restrict” list cannot see your Timeline anymore.

Likewise, after you block someone, the person cannot see your Timeline anymore.

Therefore, people who you put into “Restrict” list might think that you blocked them.


If you want to avoid the misunderstanding happens, I recommend you to change “Share Settings” depending on each post. By doing that, even if you put some people into “Restrict” list, they still can see other posts.

So, they will never think they are blocked from you.

▶︎What will happen when you block someone / you are blocked by someone?



How to delete or edit your posts

The posts you posted on Timeline (Home) can be deleted or edited even after you posted.                                                   Remember the steps in case you post something by mistake.



On your Timeline, tap the post you want to delete or edit



Tap “More” icon on the right top

Tap “Delete” when you want to delete the post

LINE will ask you “If you delete this, the comments will also be deleted. Continue?”

If you agree with it, tap “Delete”



Tap “Edit” to edit your post.

You are only allowed to edit the sentences you wrote or to change “Share Settings”, though you cannot change or delete attachments.

After finish editing, tap “Post” on the right top



You will get to Home page, and you can see your editing is now reflected.

However, the time you posted for the very first time is not changed even you edit the contents later.

Besides, the post will not be shown on the top of your Home page even you edit the contents.



In the same way, on Timeline, your edited post will not be shown on the top of Timeline even you edit the contents.

Therefore, most of the viewers will never know that you edited the post.


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Reply to the comments on your post

When you post on your Timeline or Home, you may get comments from the viewers.                                                                               You can reply to those comments on posting page on Timeline.

Besides, you can delete comments which you do not like.



Tap the post which you got comments on Timeline



Tap the comment which you want to reply to



“@name (who you are going to reply to)” will be displayed in comment entry box



Enter your comment, and tap “Send” icon on the right

Or you can reply with stickers by tapping face mark on the left



Your comment will be displayed.

The person who you replied to will get notification, so he/she will not miss your comment.When you want to comment for your own post without specifying people, tap “Comment” to enter your comment.



In a case you do not like particular comments for your post or you want to delete your comment for your own post, you can delete those comments.

Long press for the comment you want to delete, and tap “Delete”.

Even if you delete someone’s comment for your post, the fact will not be notified to the person.



How to comment to someone’s post & How to put “Like”, stickers, or photos to someone’s post & How to delete/change those afterwards


Let’s tell the poster how you felt about his/her post on Timeline using comments and stickers.



Tap “Like” or “Comment” on the bottom



By tapping “Like”, a list of mini stickers will be displayed.

This is how you can react to the post.



Tap “Comment” to write a comment or put stickers.

Write your comment, and tap “Send” icon on the right.

By tapping face mark on the left, you can send stickers as well.




Your comment and a mini sticker will be displayed like above on Timeline.



You can also attach photos in the comment entry box.

Tap “Comment”, and tap the camera icon, and then choose photos you want to attach.



When you comment or put “Like” on someone’ post, it will be notified to the poster.

They will get a push notification when LINE app is opened, or notification on their Timeline when LINE is not opened.


It is possible to delete your comments, stickers, or photos you put, but…



Even if you commented or put stickers by mistake, you can delete those.

The method is quite simple.

Long press for the comment or sticker you want to delete, and tap “Delete”.



You cannot delete “Like” once you put.

However, you can change the sticker by tapping “Like” and choosing different mini sticker.

The deletion of comments and change of mini stickers will not be notified to the poster.


How to hide the posts of particular people from your Timeline

If you have so many people on your LINE friends list, you will feel that posts on Timeline is too many.

Maybe you do not even want to see some of the posts.

In that case, there is a setting in which you can hide the posts of particular people from your Timeline.




On Timeline, find the post you want to hide from your Timeline

Tap “V” icon, and tap “Hide posts from this poster”

Tap “OK”

After this setting, the poster’s posts will never be displayed on your Timeline. (If you visit his/her Home page, you can see his/her posts)

By the way, you can hide someone’s posts by “Blocking” the person.

However, if you do not want to block someone, you can use this “Hide” function.


How to “Unhide” someone & Can I see their past posts?


When you want to “Unhide” someone, go to “More” → “Settings” → “Timeline”.

Tap “Timeline Hidden List”



This is the list who you hid their posts from your Timeline.

By tapping “Show” button, their posts will be displayed on your Timeline from that moment.

However, you can see their only new posts.

You need to visit their Home page if you want to have a look at their past posts while you had been hiding from your Timeline.


When you “Hide” someone from your Timeline, will it be notified to the person?

Let me tell you the conclusion first.

Even if you hide someone from your Timeline, or even if you unhide them later, they will not get any notification about that.

The setting is all for your Timeline, so any changes for “Hide” and “Unhide” functions will not be notified to anyone.

However, you need to understand that if you hide someone from your Timeline for a certain period of time, you cannot see their posts posted during the time. (You can visit their Home page if you want to see their posts posted while they are hidden from your Timeline)


How to hide (delete) unpleasant advertisement/ “Suggested” posts on Timeline

From November 2015, native advertising advertisement started to be displayed on Timeline.

“Sponsored” is displayed for this kind of advertisement.

Therefore, it does not matter whether the account is on your LINE friends list or not, meaning that the advertisement from the account may be displayed on anyone’s Timeline.

Besides, “Suggested” posts which are a bit different style from advertisement is also often displayed on Timeline.

Even those are a kind of automatic advertisement for Timeline, you can delete the advertisement which you do not like.

You can delete the advertisement every time it is displayed on your Timeline, or you can hide the advertisement posted by particular accounts on your Timeline.

I will introduce the method to hide the advertisement posted by particular accounts in the following article.

How to delete “Suggested” posts on Timeline & What you can do if you cannot hide but can only report



How to delete “Suggested” posts

From August 2016, lots of posts saying “Suggested” from LINE official account have been seen on Timeline (advertisement of LINE?).

The setting for hiding “Suggested” posts is a bit different from the setting for hiding advertisement saying “Sponsored”.

Refer to the following for more information.


How to share the posts on Timeline

You can share the posts from LINE official account or LINE@ account on Timeline.

Tap “Share” under the post you want to share

Tap “Share on Timeline”


Share on Timeline

After you tap “Share on Timeline”, you will get to the editing page of the quotation of original article.

You can enter additional comments there.

Change the shared range if you want, and tap “Post”

The post will be shared on Timeline (Home) with a title of “(Your name) shared ***’s photo(s)”

Tap the post which was quoted from the original post to go to the original article, or tap the link to access to the contents.


Share on Chat

Tap “Share” under the post you want to share

Tap “To Chat”

Tick the person who you want to share the post with

Tap “OK”

The article you shared will be shared on your selected people’s chat room.

By tapping the balloon on chat room, they can go to the original post.


Share on Timeline by tapping “Like”

When you put “Like” on someone’s post on Timeline, you can choose whether to notify to your LINE friends on Timeline that you put “Like”.

Although the posts are limited to which are open to “Public”.

Tap “Like” to someone’s post

Tick “Share on Friends’ Timeline” if you want your “Like” to be shared on your LINE friends’ Timeline.

You can share the post by displaying “(Your name) liked the post” on your LINE friends’ Timeline.

☝︎[LINE] Structure of “Like” which you put being shared to your LINE friends’ & How to disable the function



Structure of the “Notifications” on Timeline & How to turn it off

When someone posts on Timeline, you will not get a push notification.

On the other hand, you will get notifications under the following situations.

  • When someone wrote comments or put mini stickers to your post
  • When someone shared your post
  • When the poster replied to your comments to the poster’s post

Under default setting, you will get a push notification to your mobile.



You will get notifications by getting a number in red on clock mark on menu bar and also on a bell icon.



Tap a balloon to check the list of “What’s new”.

You can check all the reactions to your posts here.

Tap the activity for the access to the post.


Change your Home Photo

You can change the photo on the upper part of your Home page.



Tap “Select all” icon on the right top to go to Home page from Timeline



Open your Home page

It is not a problem even if you do not change the Home Photo from default setting.

Although, let’s customize your Home Photo so that your friends easily find you.

Tap the Home Photo.

Tap “Take a Home Photo” to take a photo, or tap “Choose a Home Photo” to choose a photo from your saved photos.

I will “Choose a Home Photo” this time.



Choose your preferred photo from Gallery

Now it is trimming time.

Adjust the size, and tap “OK”



Next step is editing.

After editing, tap “Send”



Your selected photo will be applied to your new Home Photo.

When you change your Home Photo, a message “(Name) made changes to the Cover Photo on Home” will automatically be posted on Timeline. (Likewise, when you change a Profile Photo, the message will automatically be posted)



I understand that many people do not like the automatic message.

However, there is no setting to turn off the function. If you do not like it, the only thing you can do is to delete the post afterwards.


People who can see your Timeline (Home) except for your LINE friends



From the privacy point of view, be careful when you comment or put (mini) stickers on someone’s post.

For example, when you comment or put a mini sticker on A (your LINE friend) on Timeline, your Home icon will be displayed on A’s Timeline and Home.

The post which has your comment is open to B (A’s LINE friend, but not yours).

B might be someone who you do not know, but B can visit your Home by tapping your Home icon because B is A’ LINE friend.

B can check your LINE name and a small Home icon. (B cannot see your posts, though)

In other words, people who do not want to open to public that you use LINE app should be very careful.

However, you should not worry too much because B cannot add you as a LINE friend.


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