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Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “[Android version] How to send stickers as gift on LINE & The reasons why you cannot send them”

Stickers is one of the essentials for communication on LINE.

Not only purchasing or downloading for yourself, but also you can send them to your LINE friends as gift on LINE.

This time I will go through how to send paid/free stickers as gift on LINE on Android mobile.

To send stickers to your LINE friends as gift, you need to go to either “Sticker Shop” in LINE app or LINE Store.

I will explain the processes for those 2 options, points to notice, the cases you cannot send stickers, and the reasons why you cannot send them.



How to send stickers from “Sticker Shop” in LINE app

The process is similar whether it is paid or free.

However, the payment step will be added for paid stickers.

I will demonstrate how to send paid stickers this time.


1, Choose stickers from “Sticker Shop”




Open LINE app

Tap “Sticker Shop” from “Settings”

If you have already decided what sticker you want to send, search for that from search box.

Let’s find your preferred one from “Rank” or “CATEGORY” if you have not decided yet.



After you decide, tap “Send as a Gift”

When you want to buy it for yourself, tap “Purchase”


2, Choose recipient (from your LINE friends)



Your LINE friends list will be displayed.

Choose the person who you want to send the sticker to, and tap “Select”

You cannot select more than 1 person at a time.


3, Purchase the sticker


You are now on purchasing step.

Check whether the name written on top of the sticker’s name is correct.

Tick your preferred “FOR YOU” character from templates since this “FOR YOU” sticker will be displayed on chat room with the recipient.

Tap “Purchase this Gift”


Charge LINE coins

Shopping at “Sticker Shop” in LINE app is made using “LINE coins”.

“LINE coins” is virtual currency used only on LINE.

You can get the virtual currency by either charging coins with purchasing or exchanging points for coins.




When you do not have enough coins, you will be asked “Get some more?”

You need to answer “OK”, and purchase some coins.

For example, you have to pay 100 coins to get “gudetama Pop-up Stickers”. You can purchase 100 coins=$2.99.

Tap “$2.99”




Payment methods list will be displayed.

Select your preferred method from the list.


4, Send the sticker as gift



Once the payment step is completed, coins will be charged and you will be back to the purchasing step.

Check the gift character you chose and the recipient’s name once more, tap “Purchase this Gift”



This will be the final confirmation step. (If you had enough coins to get the sticker, “Coin Charge” step would have been omitted)



Tap “OK”

On chat room with the recipient, the gift character you chose and a message “The Gift has been Sent!” will be displayed.

This is how you send stickers as gift.

☝︎The reason why you can not send the stamps to your friends


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