How to hide (delete) unpleasant advertisement / “Suggested” posts on Timeline in LINE app




Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “How to hide (delete) advertisement/ “Suggested” posts on Timeline”


Native advertising advertisement saying “Sponsored” and the posts saying “Suggested” which introduce the organization’s service started to be displayed on LINE Timeline.

Accordingly, those advertisement started to bother many LINE users.

I featured the functions of those advertisement & the method to hide unpleasant advertisement from your Timeline.



Functions of “Sponsored”advertisement and “Suggested” posts

For now, there are two types of advertisement on Timeline.

One is the advertisement saying “Sponsored” under the poster’s name, and the other is the posts saying “Suggested” under the poster’s name.

Both types of advertisement can be displayed on everyone’s Timeline.

It does not matter whether the account is on your LINE friends list or not.


“Sponsored” advertisement

There are two types of “Sponsored” advertisement.

One is the advertisement which is displayed on all the LINE users’ Timeline.

The other is personalized information selected just for you.

Those information are selected depending on each LINE user’s preferences and property.

A message “** people liked the post” is displayed on top of the post for “Sponsored” advertisement targeted to all the LINE users’ Timeline.

A message “Recommendation post” is displayed on top of the post for “Sponsored” personalized information.

The advertisement is recommended to you because it was selected based on your preferences and property.

Your information is automatically gained from LINE usage history, such as, LINE related services which you have used so far, official accounts which you added as friend, and purchased stickers.

It does not include any information which can identify a specific individual, such as your phone number, phonebook, or chat history.



“Suggested” posts

One of the advertisement on Timeline is “Suggested” posts. (The other is “Sponsored” advertisement as I mentioned earlier)

“Suggested” posts appeared around August 2016.

Their main contents until now is advertising the organization’s services (LINE NEWS, LINE LIVE, and SPORTS by LINE, etc)


When there is a new post on Timeline, a green colored dot (differ depending on themes) will be displayed on menu bar. Therefore, you will know when new posts uploaded without opening Timeline.


“Suggested” posts look similar to “Sponsored” advertisement from viewers’ perspective.

Those functions are similar, but “Suggested” posts are treated as “post”.

Now I am going to explain how to hide “Sponsored” advertisement and “Suggested” posts from your Timeline.



How to hide (delete) “Sponsored” advertisement

Apart from normal posts, even you (add the account as your LINE friend and) block it, “Sponsored” advertisement will be displayed continuously.

However, it is possible to hide their advertisement from your Timeline.

On Timeline, find the post posted by the account which you want to hide (delete).

Tap “V” icon

Tap “Hide this post” to hide the post only, or tap “Hide posts from this poster” so that the account’s posts will never be displayed on your Timeline.

Just like the advertisement on Twitter, you cannot hide all the advertisement.

However, it is possible to hide each post or each account from your Timeline.

This will be a rare case, though, even if you want to unhide the advertisement, there is no setting to unhide the post for now.


How to hide (delete) “Suggested” posts

Until recently, “Suggested” posts had been a bit more complicated than “Sponsored” advertisement in terms of hiding the posts. It was because there was no “Hide” option for that, therefore it was required to add the account as your LINE friend first.


By the introduction of “Hide” function, however, it is now possible to hide “Suggested” posts. (Later than Android 6.6.0 version, this function will be available for iPhone users very soon) You cannot permanently hide “Suggested” posts from particular accounts, but you can delete the post one by one.



The step is quite simple.

Tap “V” icon on the right top of the “Suggested” posts.

Tap “Hide this post”

You need to follow the above step for each post, but it is sure that you can delete unpleasant posts from your Timeline.


Displaying tendency of advertisement

From November 2015, LINE Corporation started internal testing using LINE related services.

With the successful results, they are testing using external services from December 2015 to 2016 spring.

When your LINE friend newly posts on Timeline, for example, a green colored dot (differ depending on themes) will be displayed on Timeline icon on menu bar.

A “Sponsored” advertisement being inserted just underneath the new post is quite common.Subsequently to the advertisement, a “Suggested” post can be inserted.

In terms of the contents of advertisement, there are some advertisement which is related to LINE, and advertisement of official account for TV personalities.

However, a wide variety of advertisement from all sorts of organizations is getting more percentages.

Depending on the results of testing, they will put it into full operation.

They also intend to spread it into countries where there are many LINE users, such as Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia step by step.


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