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How to send stickers from LINE Store

LINE Store is web service where you can purchase paid stickers and etc. on browsers on PC and Smartphone.

The payment methods are various, and you can send stickers as gift from LINE Store.

However, free stickers are not available on LINE Store.


1, Email address and phone number registration is required


If you have not registered your Email Address on LINE, you cannot use LINE Store.

Email address registration is what you are required for data transferring when you change your mobile model.

Registration will be done from “More”>“Settings”>“Account” on LINE app.


Besides, you need to register your phone number on LINE.

If you login to LINE with Facebook and you have not registered your phone number, you cannot use LINE Store.


2, Login to LINE Store



From a browser like Chrome, access to LINE Store

LINE Store

Tap “Log in” from “List” icon on the left top



You will be proceeded to login.

Enter your registered Email address and password, and tap “Login”



After your login, you will receive a message on your chat room.

The message is to avoid hacking, so receiving the message itself has no problem.


If you have not logged in but you received the message, someone might have logged in to your LINE or at least tried to.

You need to take actions such as, changing your Email address or password in that case.


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3, Find your preferred sticker, and choose who you want to send it to



After the login to LINE Store, let’s find your preferred sticker.

The price of stickers are shown with cash, not coins.

After you understand the system, tap “Send as a Gift”

Next, tick the person you want to send the sticker to, and tap “OK”

Then choose the character to send your gift with from the templates.

Tap “Send Gift”

This flow is the same as you send stickers as gift from LINE app.


4, Purchase the sticker

You will be proceeded to the payment step.

The selections of the payment will be the following.

  • LINE Credit (Your credit on LINE / Gift code)
  • LINE Pay (Credit Card)
  • Paypal


5, Send the sticker as gift



Come back to the payment step.

Tick “LINE Credit”, and tap “OK”


The sticker will be sent to the recipient.

Just like sending stickers from LINE app, the sticker and the character (which you chose from the templates) will be sent on chat room.


The cases you cannot send stickers as gift & the reasons

These 2 reasons will be considered.

  • The recipient already has the same sticker
  • The recipient blocks you

In both cases, when you try to send stickers to the recipient, a message saying that “You cannot send the stickers as a present since the recipient already has them”



Screenshot on LINE Store



Screenshot on LINE app


Before, you had received a message saying that “You cannot send the stickers to this user” when you had been blocked.

Now, however, you will get a message with the same contents even though you are blocked or the recipient already has the same stickers.

It means that you will never know the exact reason why you cannot send the stickers to the recipient.


Check whether you are blocked or not using “Chats with multiple friends”.Chats with Multiple Friends

Refer to the following special feature for more information.

What will happen to you when you block someone / you are blocked by someone on LINE [iPhone/Android]


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