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Today’s topic is “[LINE] Structure of “Like” which you put being shared with your LINE friends on Timeline & How to disable the function”

 When you put “Like” on someone’s post on LINE Timeline, you can choose whether to notify that you put “Like” to your LINE friends on Timeline.



Structure of a message “(Someone) liked the post”

To be exact, it is the function that a message saying “(Someone) liked the post” is displayed on Timeline when you tap “Like” to someone’s post when “Share on Friends’ Timeline” is ticked.

In this case, “Like” you put will be displayed on your LINE friends’ Timeline (including Timeline whose names are not on the poster’s LINE friends list). It means that the post is shared by “Like” on Timeline.

Although, the posts which this “Share by “Like”” function applies to are limited to the posts which are “open to public”. (There is an earth mark under the poster’s name)

Until recently, the posts which are open to public are shared on Timeline only by “Share” function.

From now on, however, those posts can be also shared on Timeline by “Like”.

“Like” on LINE is very similar to “Like” on Facebook.

Although, if you untick “Share on Friends’ Timeline” before you put “Like”, you can put “Like” on someone’s post without notifying to your LINE friends.

Even for a post you put “Like” earlier, you can cancel that the post will be shared by re-tapping “Like” and unticking “Share on Friends’ Timeline”.



In this case, you can cancel “Share”, but you cannot delete “Like”.


How to hide a message “(Someone) liked the post”

Even your LINE friend shared a post by “Like”, the original post might have been posted by someone who you do not know at all.

Therefore, the posts which were posted by someone who you do not even know will be often displayed on your Timeline.

Some of you will be bothered by those posts from strangers.

For now, you cannot hide a message “(Someone) liked the post”.

However, it is possible to hide all the posts posted by particular people from your Timeline. (It means that the posts which the particular people post are not going to be displayed on your Timeline)



On Timeline, find a post which was posted by the person (your LINE friend) whose name is in “(Someone) liked the post”.

Tap “V” icon, and tap “Hide posts from this poster”

Tap “OK”

After this setting, the poster’s posts will never be displayed on your Timeline. (If you visit his/her Home page, you can see his/her posts)

By the way, you can hide someone’s posts by “Blocking” him/her.

However, if you do not want to block someone, you can use this “Hide” function.

Refer to the following special feature to learn how to unhide.


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