Why cannot I get notifications on LINE? 8 check lists and 1 solution [iPhone/Android]



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“Why cannot I get notifications on LINE? 8 check lists and 1 solution [Android]”

Push notifications are notifications for you to know that you have received messages from your LINE friends.

There have been a lot of complaints for push notifications from both iPhone users and Android users.

Some complain that not getting push notifications when receiving new messages from their LINE friends, and others complain that getting push notifications much later.

So today, I will introduce 8 check lists which you should check if you do not get push notifications, and 1 solution (based on my real experience).



When you do not get push notifications

The other day, I experienced the situation for the first time.

The device what I had been using at that time was iOS 9.2.1, iPhone 6s, and LINE version 5.9.1.

And I did not get push notifications under LTE and Wi-Fi.


At that time, I thought the notification would be late for some reasons.

And I did never doubt it never came.

After a while, I opened LINE app, then suddenly the notification sound rang and the number of unread messages was displayed on LINE app icon.

It was sure that I had already received a new message on LINE chat room.



7 check lists

I guess that users have not changed any settings in most cases.

However, let’s check all the LINE notifications related settings, app version, and the network status for both iOS and Android just in case.


1, Check the notifications settings for your OS

Check the notifications settings for Android.

Notifications settings for Android

Go to Settings>Sound & notification>App notifications>LINE

When “Block” is ON, notifications from LINE are never shown (Android 6.0).


Notifications settings is different depending on OSes.

Refer to the following article for more information.


2, Check OS and app version

Check whether your OS (iOS/Android) and LINE app are updated to the latest version.


3, Check the network status

Notifications may be delayed or not received depending on your network or Wi-Fi condition.                                                       Check whether those are fine.

Even if the network is not good, you are able to send/receive messages on LINE.                                                                       However, if you are under the condition where there is no network, you will not send/receive messages leading not receiving notifications.

By the way, you need to consider that you might not get notifications under Wi-Fi condition behind firewall system at some workplace or schools.


4, Check the conditions of task killer related apps, power saving related apps, and battery saving mode

In some cases, the problem is brought by task killer related apps or power saving related functions (power saver, extreme power saving mode etc.).

I am not going to mention about it in details, but the reason why those functions cause the problem is because they may interrupt normal activities on LINE.

If you are using that kind of apps or functions, disabling them may help. After disabling, restart your device.


5, Check whether you forced closing LINE app

Notifications settings page on LINE tells you that “Force closing the app may lead to notifications being late or not being received”.

Therefore, it is no doubt that forcing closing the app is one of the reasons.

Try not to use memory release related apps or task killer which will force closing apps.


6, Check the notifications settings for LINE PC

On LINE PC, there is a setting that turning off smartphone notifications when you logged in to the PC version.

When the setting is ticked, you cannot get notifications while you login to the PC version.

Check whether the setting is unticked from “Settings” icon>“Notifications” on the left top on LINE PC. (The setting is unticked for default settings)


7, Check the internal storage space on your device


Notifications may also be delayed or not received if there is insufficient memory on your device.

Deleting any unnecessary apps or data on your device may solve the problem.



I have explained the 8 methods which you can try when notifications delay or not received on LINE.

Use those methods as reference if you are currently having LINE notifications problems.


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