【LINE app】How to make free voice calls on LINE?



Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “How to make free voice calls on LINE?”

“LINE” app is now one of the essential SNS.

I will explain how to make free voice calls on LINE.




LINE is popular because of its cute stickers and ease to communicate with other people compared to SMS.

Needless to say, “free voice call” is also attractive.

Let me explain how to use the function.


Make a free voice call on LINE

Start LINE app, select the person you want to make a call, and simply tap “Free Call”



Call will start.

Tap red “📞” icon when you want to hang up.

Tap “🔊” icon so you do not need to hold your mobile to your ear.

You can make a free voice call under any conditions such as Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, and 4G.

However, “Wi-Fi” will be the best if you prefer better call quality. (If you are using LTE or 3G network, you may be charged for the data used for the call. I believe many users are using a flat-rate data plan, though)

You can “chat” with someone else while you are calling.

Tap the tiny icon on the right top to go to chat room.

“📞” icon on status bar shows that you are still on a call.





Incoming calls will be notified by push notification

When you receive a call, it will be notified to you by a push notification.
(The setting is changeable from “Settings” > “Sound & notification” > “App notifications” > “LINE”)





Make a free voice call on LINE PC

You can make a free voice call on LINE PC.

In other words, calls between PC and mobile are possible. (LINE PC is very useful because you can also chat)



Download “LINE” app from the following link→LINE: Free Calls & Messages

Unexpectedly useful “Voice calls”

LINE free voice calls are recommended to those who want to save mobile bill.

Give it a try if you have not tried LINE free voice call.


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