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Today’s topic is “Settings to protect your privacy on LINE”

When you use LINE, you should be careful of treating your personal information such as the information from your phonebook or your LINE ID.

I will go through the settings which you need to know to protect your own privacy on LINE.



1 How to set a passcode to protect your privacy on LINE app

There is a setting in which you are required to enter a password (passcode) every time you open LINE app.

By setting a passcode, a third party will not be able to open your LINE.

However, if you forget your passcode and you cannot open LINE, you will need to uninstall LINE app and re-install it.

Do not forget your passcode because uninstalling and re-installing LINE app will lead to your chat history on LINE being lost.


Reference: Click here to learn how to set a passcode



2 Settings for not showing messages on Pop-Ups

Have you ever experienced that you received a message on LINE and then your friend accidentally saw the message while your mobile was put on a table?

To prevent the situation, there is a setting called “Show Preview” for showing/not showing messages on Pop-Ups.


Settings for displaying Pop-Ups, but no messages shown on Pop-Ups



For default setting, when you receive a new message, the contents will be displayed on Pop-Ups.

If you are with somebody when you receive a new message, the new massage may be read by the person.

This is a setting for you to get a notification, but the contents not being displayed on Pop-Ups.



Tap “Notifications” from “More” → “Settings” on LINE.



Make sure you tick “Notifications” beforehand.

Untick “Show Preview”



By the setting, you can get a Pop-Ups which tells you that you received a new message, but the sender’s name and the contents will not be displayed on the Pop-Ups.


Settings for not displaying Pop-Ups



On “Notifications” page, untick both “Display Pop-Ups when Screen ON” and “Display Pop-Ups when Screen OFF”

By the setting, you will not get a notification when you receive a new message.

Instead, the number of new messages will be displayed on the icon.


Settings for receiving only notifications



When “Show Preview” is ticked and both “Display Pop-Ups when Screen ON” and “Display Pop-Ups when Screen OFF” is unticked, a small message will be displayed on top of your mobile screen like below.



Settings for not allowing people who may know your phone number to add you as their LINE friends



This is LINE “friends list”.

LINE users who you register their phone numbers to your phonebook will automatically be added to your LINE “friends list”.

LINE users will automatically be added to your LINE “friends list” from your phonebook.

For example, you met A at a party and you exchanged phone numbers with each other.

You do not like A, but A likes you.

So A registered your phone number to his phonebook.

One day, A got a LINE account and started to use LINE app.

On LINE, you will automatically be added to his LINE “friends list”, besides A will be displayed on “Friend Recommendations” list on your LINE.


How to turn off “Allow Others to Add”



Tap “Friends” from “More” → “Settings”



Untick “Allow Others to Add”


By the setting, other LINE users cannot search for and automatically add you to their “friends list” using your phone number.

By the way, when you tick “Auto Add Friends”, LINE users will automatically be added from your phonebook.


This “Auto Add Friends” function is useful.

Although, ticking this function means that you will be uploading the information from your phonebook (only phone numbers) to LINE server.


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