How to change someone’s name displayed on your LINE friends’ list without notifying

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Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “How to change someone’s name displayed on your LINE friends’ list without notifying them”

You can customize LINE friends’ list and its names on LINE.

You can change (edit) your friends’ names, re-change them, or even add to “Favorites” and change the order of registered names.


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How to change someone’s name or change it to the original name

Most of your friends’ names come from either the names which you registered to your phonebook or the names which they registered by themselves.

Therefore, if your friend has registered nickname or unusual name, you might be confused.

To avoid the confusion, LINE allow you to change someone’s name to which is easy for you to distinguish within your LINE friends’ list.

It does not mean that you can change the name which someone registered on LINE.

It means that you can only change the name which is displayed on your LINE.

The fact that you changed someone’s name will not be notified to the person.

By the way, you cannot edit someone’s account name on LINE (includes LINE@).



Steps to change someone’s name



Go to “Friends” list on your LINE

Tap the person who you want to change its name


After the profile Pop-Ups is displayed, tap “Pencil” icon


Enter your preferred name, and tap “Save”




Your entered name will be replaced.

Not only the name on friends’ list, but also the name on chat room will be replaced.


How to restore its original name



If you want to restore its original name, open “Change Display Name” following the previous step.

Delete a name in the box, leave it blank, and tap “Save”. (The original name will be shown in grey color)


How to add someone to “Favorites” and change the order of registered names

It is sometimes difficult for you to find someone who you want to chat from your LINE friends’ list because you cannot change the order of registered names on the list.


By adding your favorite friends to “Favorites”, they will be placed on top of the category.

It will enable you to easily find a particular person from your friends’ list.


How to add someone to “Favorites”


Open friends’ list on LINE

Tap the person who you want to add to “Favorites” so his/her profile Pop-Ups is shown next.

Tap the star icon at the center so the icon color is changed to green



Close the Pop-Ups

You will see that he/she is listed in “Favorites” category in the list.


Change the order of registered names on “Favorites”

Now let’s edit “Favorites”.

With your favorite friends and groups being listed on top of the category, your friends’ list will be more organized for you.

There is no function for editing “Favorites”, though it has a feature that newly added person and group will be listed on top of the category.

Using the feature, it is possible to change the order of registered names.


Android version


The person who is added to “Favorites” will be placed at the bottom of the category.

Therefore, if you want to add 5 friends, you should add the most favorite friend (“LINE AU” this case) first.



How to check someone’s LINE nickname

Let’s suppose that you tick “Auto Add Friends” function on LINE.

If you have registered someone’s name to your phonebook, and if he/she tick “Allow Others to Add”, the name which you have registered to your phonebook will be shown on your LINE friends’ list.

In most cases, you will not need to know someone’s LINE nickname.

However, it is possible to check someone’s LINE nickname.



On your LINE friends’ list, select and tap someone to show his/her profile Pop-Ups.

The name which he/she set is called “LINE nickname”, and it is shown in grey color under a name on Pop-Ups (there will be no nickname shown if he/she has not set one).

On the above screenshot, “Yu ***” is what he registered to his phonebook, and “yu” is what he set as a LINE nickname.


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