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Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “How to use “Keep” on LINE”

What is “Keep” function?

I guess many LINE users have not used “Keep”


“Keep” is like notes where you can take memo or save photos

I suppose that many LINE users use LINE app to chat with their friends.

What is great on LINE is that you can chat with several friends at the same time.

However, have you ever thought that you want to save particular chats?

A chat topic to search for more details when you have time

Meeting time, etc.

Keeping particular chats in advance will save a lot of time because you can save time to search for them later.


How to use “Keep”

Go to chat room

Find a particular chat

Press and hold longer of the message (photo, text, or file) which you want to “Keep”



Tap “Save in Keep”



Tap “Keep (1)”



The photo is saved in “Keep”

Now I will explain where the photo I just “Keep” goes to.

Tap “View Profile”



Tap “Keep” icon

All the data you have “Keep” so far are saved in here.



All the data is automatically categorized into 3 folders which are “Photos”, “Text” or “Files”.

Thanks to the categorized folders, it is very useful to find a particular data afterwards.




You can use “Text” folder as note for quick memo because they can be deleted very easily shortly afterwards.


“Keep” can be used as note

Tap “+” icon on the right top from the previous page

I often use the function for a quick memo for my shopping.

Whenever you want to take a memo such as interesting items, gourmet information, travel information, and dieting information introduced on TV, writing on your mobile is the most useful way because your mobile is always with you.

When you take a memo while you are watching TV program, I recommend you to put the program title at the beginning so it is easy to find afterwards.


How to delete something from “Keep”

As I said earlier, it is easy to save something in “Keep”.

However, as you save more data, “Keep” folders will be filled with too much information, and it will make you more difficult to find a particular data.

That is why you should delete data immediately after it is no longer useful for you.

From “Keep”, tap the data which you want to delete

Tap “Delete” icon on the left bottom



Will the fact that you “Keep” something from someone’s chat be notified to the person?

Do not worry.

It will not be notified to anyone.

“Keep” is the function for the LINE user only.

This is what is attractive about “Keep”.


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