What is “Creators Stickers” on LINE? How to purchase and use them in LINE app


Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “What is “Creators Stickers” on LINE? How to purchase and use them”

Now you can purchase “Creator’s Stickers” which are made by LINE users on LINE STORE.

You will find all kinds of cute and cuddly “Crestor’s Stickers” available for purchasing at “LINE Creators Market” where designers from all around the world are submitting their original stickers.

At the market, more than 350 stickers have already been submitted.

Purchasing those “Creator’s Stickers” are a bit different from purchasing stickers from “Sticker Shop” on LINE.

I am going to explain how to find and purchase your preferred “Creator’s Stickers”.


Purchase at “LINE STORE”

Stickers which were made by designers are called “Crestor’s Stickers”.

To purchase those stickers, access to LINE STORE from browser.

You cannot purchase them on LINE app.



Scroll to bottom of screen

You will find “Popular Creators’ Stickers”



Click your preferred sticker



Tap “Purchase”


Enter your account information on LINE, and tap “Login”



Select the payment method

You can select from LINE credit (Your credit on LINE / Gift code), LINE pay (Credit Card), or Paypal.

Tick your selected method, and tap “OK”



Open LINE app

Open LINE app

Go to “Purchase History” from “More” > “Settings” > “Stickers”



The sticker you have just bought will be shown

Tap the sticker



Tap “Download (Purchased)” so it will be ready to use on LINE chat room



The selection of “Creator’s Stickers” is amazing.

You can also send them to your friends as gift.

☝︎How to send stickers to your friends as gifts in LINE app

If you have not tried yet, give it a try! I am sure that you will find your favorite one.


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