How to clear cache on LINE to have enough storage on your mobile


Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “How to clear cache on LINE to have enough storage on your mobile”

I am going to explain how to clear cache which is a new function released after LINE version 6.8.0.

In addition to deleting “Chat History”, you have more options which you can choose individually whether to delete such as “Cache” and “Photos”.

Check this out if you want to get more storage on your mobile.

What were updated after LINE version 6.8.0  →“LINE” was dramatically updated! Posts that vanish after 24 hours on Timeline, and deleting unnecessary data individually are now available


Steps to delete unnecessary data individually

Tap “More” > “Settings”


Tap “Chats & Voice Calls”


Tap “Delete data” so you will proceed to the page where you can select what you want to delete




Data which you can delete individually

Data which you can delete individually are as follows.

  • Cache
  • Photos
  • Voice calls history
  • Files
  • Chat history



“Cache” data is data which is saved temporarily and available to be re-downloaded.

You can preferentially delete “Cache” because “Photos”, “Voice calls history”, and “Files” will not be deleted by deleting “Cache”.


Photos, voice calls history, and files

“Photos (exclude albums)”, “Voice calls history”, and “Files” which are sent or received on chat room will not be able to be opened once you delete after certain period of time. (Those data on chat room become no longer available after certain period of time)

For a test, I had deleted only “Photos”, however, photos shown on chat room have not been deleted. (Photos were remained on chat room)

When I tapped a photo on chat room, a message “○○/○○ bytes” was shown, followed by data import.

According to my test, it will be considered that “Photos” data go back to the previous condition where before data import. (This is the result of my test, and is not what LINE Corporation officially announced)


Chat history

“Chat history” here means all the chat history so far.

Once you delete your chat history, you will not be able to get it back.

You cannot even restore them once you delete without backup.


Delete data regularly

“Delete data” regularly so you delete unnecessary data if you want to get more storage on your mobile.

Especially, do not forget to delete “Cache” regularly, otherwise your mobile storage will be filled with “Cache” very quickly because “Cache” is always being accumulated as long as you are opening LINE app.


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