What does “○○ left the chat.” mean, and what is the reason for the message on LINE?


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Today’s topic is “What does “○○ left the chat.” mean, and what is the reason for the message on LINE?”

When you have a look at past chat rooms, you might find a chat room where “○○ left the chat.” is shown.

Or you might find a chat room where “Unknown” replaced the recipient’s name, and “Empty Room” replaced the chat name.

Some of you might have thought “Am I blocked!?” and been scared by those changes.

Although, do not worry because it does not mean that you are blocked.


“○○ left the chat.” is shown at the bottom of a chat on chat room

“○○ left the chat.” means either the person “left the chat spontaneously” or “deleted his/her LINE account”.

The most common reasons for leaving chat room is for “organizing chats”.


If you are the person who likes to chat with many people, your “Chats” are filled with lots of unnecessary chat rooms.

Probably many users tend to delete chat rooms which are already finished, so do not think like “Maybe he does not want to talk to me anymore” or “I am blocked”


The person who left the chat room cannot check the chat history anymore. Therefore, if you want to have a chat with him/her again, you need to invite to the chat or add a new chat room.

Even a message “○○ left the chat.” is shown on chat room, you can still send a message on the chat room.

This will make a lot of users confused because the person who already left the chat room cannot receive your message, meaning your message is never going to be “Read” by him/her.


※On group chat, however, other members can still read messages on the chat room.

Let’s see another reason for a message “○○ left the chat.”


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“Unknown” replaced the recipient’s name

This is because the person deleted his/her LINE account.

He/she might have deleted LINE account, or have not succeeded in carrying over the account when he/she changed a mobile.

In that case, a massage “Empty Room” replaces the chat name.


By the way, the fact that someone left the chat is not going to be notified to you. It means that you will never know the fact until you open the chat room.

When you want to leave a chat room, it will be nice to tell the recipient “I am going to leave the chat room to organize chats” before you actually leave there.


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