How to save photos, images, and videos posted on Instagram

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Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “How to save photos, images, and videos posted on Instagram”

When you find a beautiful photo which someone had posted on Instagram, have you ever thought “I love the photo. I wish if I could download it…”?

I have, actually.

However, there is no function to download and save photos and videos posted on Instagram on official Instagram app.

Have you given up and just watching someone’s amazing posts?

I am now going to show you how to save images posted on Instagram.

There are 2 methods to save images

I am going to talk about a method using an external app, and a method using web service.


How to simply save on Instagram

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The easiest way is to use external app.

I am going to use the app called “InstaSave” this time.

First of all, download “InstaSave” from Apple store or Google play.

Turn on switch to start InstaSave service

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Open Instagram, and find the one you want to save

Tap “More” icon at the top right

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Tap “Copy Share URL”

That’s it.

“InstaSave” will automatically start downloading.

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You do not need to login or register to use “InstaSave”.

Let’s download your favorite photos using “InstaSave”!


How to save using website on Instagram 

“WEBSTA” will be recommended for those who want to save photos posted on Instagram on your PC.

“WEBSTA” is a web tool to get easy-to-understand data and statistics about your Instagram account.

Using a part of the functions, it is possible to save photos posted on Instagram. The service is free, but you need to login with your Instagram account.

Open “WEBSTA” and search for the one you want to save from the search box at the top right

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Tap “More” icon at the bottom

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Tap “Show Standard Image”

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Now you can save the photo on your PC by selecting “Save picture as” or something.

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If you want to save a video, right-click on the video, and select “Save video as”

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You cannot download photos or videos on Instagram itself, though you can do it so easily with external apps.

Use those downloaded photos and videos only for your own pleasure.

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