How to use “Stories” which automatically deletes your post on Instagram in 24 hours

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Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “How to use “Stories” which automatically deletes your post on Instagram in 24 hours”

Instagram released a new function called “Stories” which automatically deletes your post in 24 hours on 3rd Aug 2016.

The function has special features.

A lot of celebrities who have many followers has already started using the function.

I am going to explain the remarkable new function “Stories”.


What is “Stories” on Instagram?

If you have already known Snapchat or SNOW, you must have heard of “Stories”.

That “Stories” has been introduced into Instagram!!

A feature of Instagram “Stories” is that “automatically deleting the post in 24 hours”

Besides, you can only post photos and videos which you take at that time.

Maybe you have been posted photos and videos to your Instagram from gallery on your mobile.

Using “Stories”, however, you can post what you are doing at that time.

That is the main and new feature of “Stories”.

The great thing about “Stories” is that your post will be automatically deleted in 24 hours.

Many people will use Instagram more freely by this function.


How to use Instagram “Stories”

If someone you follow posts “Stories”, the person’s profile photo will be shown on top of Timeline page.

Tap the profile photo to see the “Stories”

New post will be easily found because the profile photo is being circled with Instagram color.

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Once you see the post, the color will be changed to grey like below.



Let’s post “Stories” to see how to use the function.

First of all, tap the icon at the top left to take a photo/video.

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If you want to take a photo, tap the button at the bottom.

If you want to take a video, press the button for longer.

LINE 78 16pics_170207_0014


Let’s now edit the photo.

Tap the pencil icon to draw in color.

LINE 78 16pics_170207_0013


Tap “Done” after you finish drawing

LINE 78 16pics_170207_0012


Tap “Aa” icon to insert letters

LINE 78 16pics_170207_0011


Tap “Done” at the top right when you finish

LINE 78 16pics_170207_0010


Swipe to the right or left to filter the image

Tap “↑” icon to post the photo on “Stories”

LINE 78 16pics_170207_0009


Let’s have a look at your “Stories” you have just posted!

Go to Timeline, and find your profile icon at the top of the page

The photo you posted will be shown filling the screen.


When the bar color at the top changes to white, the photo will automatically stop showing.

If you post multiple “Stories”, you can display them like slideshow.

LINE 78 16pics_170207_0008

“More” icon at the bottom right shows you the following menu.

LINE 78 16pics_170207_0007

  • Delete: Delete your post
  • Share as Post…: Post on Instagram not as “Stories”
  • Save Photo: Save the photo to Gallery on your mobile
  • Story Settings: Settings who you share with, etc.

LINE 78 16pics_170207_0006

You cannot “Like” to “Stories”

You cannot use hash tag on “Stories”

That is exactly what is new to Instagram.


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How to check who have read your “Stories”

While your “Stories” is being displayed, flick the image to the top to get to the following page.

The list of your followers who have read the “Stories” will be shown below.

You can easily check who and how many followers have read your “Stories” from the page.

LINE 78 16pics_170207_0005


These three icons mean “Save”, “Share” and “Delete” from the left.



“Story Settings” is available from “Settings” icon at the top left


How to comment on “Stories”?

You cannot comment on “Stories”.  Instead, you can send a message to “Stories”.

When receiving messages on “Stories” is permitted by the poster, a message “Send message” is shown at the bottom left.

Tap “Send message” to insert a message.


LINE 78 16pics_170207_0004


By sending a message through “Send message”, the poster will receive a direct message.

If you do not wish to receive messages on your “Stories”, go to “Settings” >“Story Settings” from your profile page, and tick “Off” to “ALLOW MESSAGE REPLIES”.

LINE 78 16pics_170207_0003


If you find unpleasant “Stories”

You cannot delete someone’s “Stories”, though you can report unpleasant “Stories”.

Tap “More” icon at the bottom right on “Stories” which you want to report

LINE 78 16pics_170207_0002


Simply tap “Report…”

LINE 78 16pics_170207_0001



Introduction of “Stories” might be the first step for those who have not been interested in Instagram.

If you are interested in Snapchat but using multiple apps bother you, Instagram “Stories” is for you!

Enjoy “Stories” and let it be your part of daily life.

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