【Instagram】why you can’t see photos and videos posted on Instagram for solutions

Hello. This is Shiho.

Today’s topic is “Causes why you cannot see photos and videos posted

on Instagram, and the solutions”

If you have difficulty in seeing photos and videos posted on Instagram just after

opening the app, it will be nightmare.

Instagram is for enjoying seeing photos and videos, isn’t it?

Today, I am going to talk about the causes why you cannot see photos and videos posted on Instagram, and the solutions.


What are the causes that you cannot see photos and videos?

I am going to sort the causes, and explain them in details including the solutions.

When you cannot see all the photos and videos

It is very likely that Instagram server has some problem.

Wait for a while, and check those data again.


When you cannot see a part of photos and videos

Check the following points.

Wireless internet connection

Wi-Fi connection (if you are using Wi-Fi) Is data communication speed not limited?

If you have a bad internet connection, you cannot smoothly use Instagram because it is an internet service.


The solutions

Restart the app or device

Restarting the device will solve most of the problems.

If it is because of a temporal problem on the app or device, restarting the device will solve the problem.


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Log into Instagram from web browser

If there is something wrong with Instagram server, it is impossible to see Instagram from web browser.

By trying to login to Instagram from web browser, you will know where the problem occurred from.

There is nothing we can do if Instagram server is the original cause.¥

All you can do is to wait for the recovery.


Uninstall the app, and re-install it

If Instagram server is not the original cause, there will be a problem on Instagram app.

Try uninstalling the app, and re-install it.

After re-installing the app, you will be required to enter the username and password to login.


Update the app or OS

It might be because of the app or OS not being updated.

Update your Instagram app and OS regularly so they are on the current version.



Do not panic even you cannot see photos or videos on Instagram.

It can happen, but the photos and video you have saved on Instagram will not be deleted.

Calm down, and find the cause.

How to recover Instagram when the app stops working


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